We are fortunate to have access to a magnificent lake and fleet of sailboats (Laser 1, Laser 2, catamaran).


To date, only the children have had access to the boats, with the exception of a few organized sailing lessons.  This year, we would like all members wishing to practice or learn to sail for pleasure, to benefit from our fleet.  We invite you every Sunday from 12 noon until 4 pm, beginning on June 26, to participate in sailing activities amongst friends, with family or solo.  A competent team will be available to provide assistance and supervision.  For those who are interested, we recommend  Level 1 training  to learn the basics of navigation or to refresh your skills.  For the more competitive, races will be organized.

We would like to know your level of interest in these activities and invite you to send us a message.  Your name will be added to our email list.

Looking forward to seeing you soon on the water!

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