The Hermitage Club dates back to 1912, taking its name from a house on original land acquired by the Club.  This house, which had been so named around 1870 by a former owner, a British Army Officer who had been Harbour Master for the Port of Quebec, was added to and formed part of the original clubhouse.


The object of the founders who purchased the original lands as individuals was to create a country club with central facilities, a golf course and a series of cottages owned by individual members.  No one was permitted to buy a cottage lot, or purchase or rent a cottage, unless he became and remained a member of the Club.  In those days the customary way to reach the Club from Montreal was by train to Magog and by public or private boat from Magog to the Club site.  Additional land was acquired over the next seven years culminating in 1919 with completion of the Club property as it now stands.  In that year it was decided to invite people who lived outside the Club boundaries to become District Members of the Club and to use its facilities.


The present clubhouse was built in 1928 replacing the original clubhouse, which burned to the ground in January of that year.  Other Club facilities now consist of an excellent 9-hole golf course, four modern tennis courts and a playhouse and wharf area for children's programs.  There are presently 44 houses owned by members within the Club Grounds.


The Club is presently incorporated as a non-profit organization under Part Three of the Companies Act of the Province of Quebec, its corporate structure having been completely reorganized in 1968.


The present name of the Club was adopted by a special By-Law in 1981 and is Le Club Hermitage - The Hermitage Club.


In 2006, the Club acquired property which extends from the 4th fairway to the Georgeville Road.  The property includes 73 acres plus the family cottage, pool and tennis court. The cottage was refurbished and furnished and is available for rent on an annual or seasonal basis.


As well as serving as a buffer against future development, the cross country, bicycle and walking trails which have been created through the forest and over the streams, create a new dimension of peaceful enjoyment for our members.  By crossing the fairway by the Ladies’ tee on the 4th hole, nature lovers can enter the woods again and continue down a trail which parallels the 3rd hole and connects to the Hermitage Road by the Club storage area.